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Digital Airport Advertising Network Solution SOON

New means of communication: Always on the move and placed at strategic locations, it conveys your message, makes a lasting impression, and helps you get recognized. Therefore it needs to have a superior design and a unique advertising message, presenting an idea that will draw the attention of passersby.


Digital Airport Advertising Network Solution

We offer Digital Advertising Solution at Airport Belgrade trough indoor Network AirportVision. Positions strategic located in departure, transit and arrival departements, and all full video production services to businesses of all kinds.

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Marketing Digital Video Production & Post-production.

Our staff takes your initial concept from storyboard to scriptwriting, editing, and final production.                                                                                                .

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An animated logo is great way to captivate your audience and add value to your presentation film/video production. Title animations effectively communicate key messages and integrate well with live action edits.

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Our clients are well known companies such as:

McDonald’s, Mobtel, Delta M, Nivea, BIP, IBM, Serb Banka, TV Crne Gore, MPC, FIK Marketing, Smirnof, Balys, Reebok, Jony Walker, Commerc System, Chivas, Passport, Saatchi & Saatchi, Lucky Strike, Mc Cann Erickson Group, Nestle, Domino Advertising, Osram, Idols & Friends, Iridium, British Airways Publicis Virgo, Air France, Quantas, Idea Plus, Knjaz Milos, Lenex, Milka, Metal-Coop, Postanska Stedionica, Post Banka, Meridian, Apple, Visa, Zepter, Comtrade, Cores, SDPR, Mostogradnja, Turisticki savez Jugoslavije, Sector, Fosil, BMP, Oracle, DCD, Fellini, Sky Pass, Reuters, Grafo NIN,Estetic kozmeticki savez, Lemic, ITM, Simens, Aiwa, Telekom, ICN, Nacionalna Stedionica, C Market, Emirates, TV Pink, TV RTS, TK Senjak, PGI, Mercedes, Raiffeisen Bank Pricewaterhousecoopers, Mellon, Telefonija, Minel, Bose, Topspeed, Intermex, Delta, Catering, Telekom, Madera, JDP, Mercedes, McDonald’s, HP, Novosadska Banka, Imlek, Telefonija Raycap, PTT, Sharp, B92, Torlak, Belgrade Fair, Banca Intesa, Societe Generale, Vojvodjanska Bank, Procredit Bank, Erste Bank, Hypo Alpe Adria Bank, Hotel Holiday IN, Hotel Hyatt, Hotel IN, Centar Balasevic, Belmedic, Grand Casino, Direct Media, Nova Comunication, Media Pool, DDB, VIP Mobile DOO, Telenor, Telekom Srbija, Belexpocentar, New Moment, New Ideas Company, Eurobord, Media S SMVG, Many gram, EPS, Blic, Politika, Delta Generali Osiguranje, Coca Cola, Tehnomanija, Crowne Plaza, Falkensteiner Hotel, Visa, Samsung, Western Union, Medigroup, Halkbank…

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